6/💯 Core Bed Exercises Guide for Beginners - A Must-See!

Detailed Explanation of the 6/100 Single Leg Exercise

Welcome to the Gymfrog blog! Today, we bring you a beginner's guide to one of the core exercises on the Pilates reformer bed – the 6/100 single leg exercise. Whether you are new to Pilates or have some experience, you will find a suitable way to practice this exercise. Below, we will explain the key points and details of this exercise.

❤ Spring Setting:

  • Beginners: 1-2 red springs
  • Experienced: 1 red spring

Choose different spring resistances based on your practice goals. Beginners are recommended to use 1-2 red springs, while those with experience can use 1 red spring. Different spring resistances will result in varying workout effects.

❤ Bar Position:

  • Normal position

Ensure that the bar is in the normal position to provide adequate support during the exercise.

❤ Headrest Setting:

  • Raise by 1 level

If you experience neck discomfort, it is recommended to raise the headrest by one level. This provides better neck support during the exercise and reduces discomfort.

❤ Exercise Details:

As shown in the second illustration, your ankle needs to remain stable during both the lift and drop. A stable ankle helps you control the movement better and prevents unnecessary injuries.

❤ Exercise Goals:

  • Ankle stability
  • Lower limb coordination
  • Slim calves

The main purpose of this exercise is to enhance ankle stability, improve lower limb coordination, and effectively tone and slim the calves.

❤ Additional Body Position Details:

  • Shoulders 1 cm away from the shoulder rest

During the exercise, ensure that your shoulders are 1 cm away from the shoulder rest to maintain proper shoulder positioning and perform the exercise correctly.

🌱 Helpful Tips:

Since many Pilates beginners may not be able to practice regularly, we suggest you first read the detailed instructions and remember each small detail. Then, apply them during your class practice. We hope this blog can clear up the mystery of Pilates practice for every enthusiast, encouraging consistent practice and collective beauty enhancement!

We are Gymfrog, focusing on Pilates fitness products and sharing easy-to-understand yoga and Pilates practice tips. If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact us anytime!

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