Pilates Shipping Policy

Welcome to our website! We value each customer and are committed to providing you with the best purchasing experience. Below is our shipping policy, which applies to all products and orders on our site. Please read and familiarize yourself with our policy.

1. Order Confirmation

After placing your order, we will send you an order confirmation email immediately, including an order summary and estimated delivery time. Please check this email carefully to ensure the information about the selected products, sizes, colors, etc., is correct.

2. Order Processing

After order confirmation, your items will be prepared for shipment within 3-5 business days. The daily order cutoff time is 5:00 PM on business days. We offer free shipping for all products.

Special Note: If your delivery address needs to be changed while the order is in transit, you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

3. Order Tracking

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing the tracking number and a link to the carrier's website. You can track the status of your package by clicking the link. If delivery fails, you will be notified via email. If you do not receive tracking information, please contact us at any time.

4. Delivery

All orders shipped via freight companies require customers to schedule a delivery appointment. Once the package arrives at the local station, the carrier will call the phone number provided in the order to arrange delivery. Please coordinate the delivery appointment with the carrier and ensure an adult over 18 is present to sign for the delivery.

If a re-delivery is needed due to the customer’s reasons, additional fees may apply. Delivery appointments may be rescheduled by the carrier for various reasons, and we cannot accept order cancellations due to this. In case of shipping delays or lost packages, please allow the freight company to attempt to correct the issue and deliver your package.

5. Receiving Goods

Please follow these guidelines to ensure smooth delivery of your products and avoid any issues:

  1. Check the Number of Boxes: Confirm that the number of boxes matches your order. If any boxes are missing, note it on the delivery receipt and inform the driver.
  2. Check for Damage: Inspect all boxes for damage. If any are damaged, note it on the delivery receipt and inform the driver. Take photos of all boxes and the damage, and contact us immediately. If damages occur due to not following the correct procedures for receiving goods, we will not be responsible for the damages.

6. Equipment Installation

We currently do not offer installation services. Equipment needs to be assembled by you. Some equipment comes pre-assembled and can be put together according to the installation instructions.

7. Estimated Shipping Time for Accessories

Country Time Carrier
USA 5 to 7 business days UPS/FedEx
UK 5 to 7 business days UPS/FedEx
Europe 5 to 7 business days UPS/FedEx
Mexico, Canada 7 to 10 business days UPS/FedEx
Middle East 7 to 10 business days UPS/FedEx
Australia 7 to 10 business days UPS/FedEx

8. Estimated Shipping Time for Pilates Equipment

Country Time Carrier
USA 30 to 45 business days Shipping
UK 40 to 45 business days Shipping
Europe 40 to 60 business days Shipping
Mexico, Canada 50 to 70 business days Shipping
Middle East 40 to 45 business days Shipping
Australia 50 to 70 business days Shipping

9. Curbside Delivery

The standard delivery location for Pilates equipment is curbside. We are responsible for delivering the equipment to the curbside, and you may need to cover additional costs for offloading.

Special Note: Additional costs may include forklift rental fees and handling fees, and you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

10. Backorders

In the event of a backorder, we will notify you immediately after you place your order and provide an estimated arrival time and alternative options. You may choose to keep the order, replace it with other products, or cancel the order.

11. Order Tracking

Please use the provided link and enter your order number to get the latest tracking information. If you find that the packaging or items are severely damaged, please refuse the item and notify us. For minor damages or losses, please have the driver note it on the freight bill and report any “hidden damages” after signing.

Contact Us

For more assistance, please contact our fulfillment department at: service@gymfrog.com

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!