Pilates Fodable Steel Reformer

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Home Pilates Reformer: The Reformer offers an elegant system to achieve holistic health. Research confirms that engaging in Pilates reformer training alongside a healthy diet leads to weight loss, inch reduction, increased strength, and reduced stress.

Enhanced Functional Health: Our Pilates Reformer serves as a powerful tool for fat burning, body shaping, and slimming. It contributes to improving flexibility, posture, and overall quality of life.

Elastic Resistance Cords: Equipped with heavy-duty elastic bungee cords, our Reformer provides smooth resistance. The three-cord elastic resistance system allows customization of intensity to cater to users of all experience levels.

Designed for Comfort: Our Pilates Reformer equipment features a wide padded platform, high-density foam shoulder pads, an adjustable headrest, and foam handles, ensuring enhanced comfort during workouts.


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